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Achieving employee commitment to sustainable working solutions


 Corporate Green is a division of Eco Pathways, a local enterprise working within South Africa to provide education for sustainable living and development. Following a hugely successful and on -going governmental training initiative within the Department of Transport and Public Works to support sustainable development, Eco Pathways, in a joint venture with The Green Parrot, developed the Corporate Green Programme. The Programme is  a management tool used to assist management in achieving enterprise goals in respect of minimising carbon footprint and optimising utilisation of real estate for sustainable development.



 Corporate Green focuses on obtaining individual employee commitment to environmental sustainable initiatives within the enterprise.  In this programme, employees are made aware of our changing world, the environmental challenges we are facing and focuses specifically in changing individual employee paradigm and corporate culture to bring about a change in individual behaviour to support any / all environmentally sustainable initiatives.


Workshops and Training

 Many progressive enterprises are already well on their way in adapting their working environment to support sustainable living, working and development. This can be seen in adaptation of the working environment and within their marketing strategy.  Third party service providers are robustly encouraged to assist in achievement of this objective and customers are made aware of enterprise commitment in this regard. One critical area which is often overlooked is the education of employees who are key role players in this process.


Too often, the impact of individual employee commitment is overlooked. This can result in key milestones being missed and a potentially successful initiative falling short of its targets. Employees are often aware of the general sentiment but do not fully understand the need for sustainable living, working and development and the active and critical role they can play. Corporate Green focuses on addressing this critical area and has a selection of interactive programmes which can be implemented depending on the level of engagement required and the level to which the workplace has been successfully adapted to minimise carbon footprint. The nature of the programme is such that it can be adapted to suit individual enterprise needs accordingly.

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