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sustainable solutions for a sustainable future

The complex issues of climate change, sustainability, and biodiversity are just some of the challenges facing humanity today.  At Eco Pathways we believe that everyone can make a difference by making eco-friendly and sustainable choices in their home and work environments.


There are many different green, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions available, which we at Eco Pathways are able to offer to individuals and businesses.  One of the questions we get asked most is ‘where should I start?’  At Eco Pathways we offer the best green, sustainable solutions, information and services that can help you reduce your carbon footprint, improve your energy efficiency, lesson your impact on the environment and ultimately save you money.

At Eco Pathways we offer a comprehensive, personalised service to our customers. We make a point of ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the in’s and out’s of greening up your household and business environment, of energy efficiency and solar powered living as well as all the benefits therein.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and contact Eco Pathways for a consultation.  As your eco experts you can rest assured that you will receive the best service and advice possible.

Eco Pathways works closely with The Green Quotient an organisation which offers workshops exposing and educating children and young adolescence to the impact our current lifestyle is having on our environment.  These workshops are currently being rolled out to all schools in South Africa.  Together Eco Pathways and The Green Quotient assist homeowners and small businesses in implementing simple, cost effective green initiatives which support the education provided by The Green Quotient.

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