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Green Interior and Building Design

Eco Pathways has access to the latest information, tips , ideas and trends for sustainable design, eco-friendly, and environmental design.  Our Design Consultants specialise in eco friendly materials, project management, colour selection and creative solutions to create healthy interiors for you and your family.  

Eco Pathways can meet your needs whether you are a homeowner looking to remodel or a contractor in need of materials.  E offer a full design and consulting service implementing green building and design principles in all our projects.

Our Interior Design consultants are well informed, conscious and aware individuals whose main objective is utilising the right eco friendly, green floor finishes, wall finishes, building products, paint, furniture and all aspects of building interior and sustainable choices.

As professional Interior Designers we will explore the many ways of reducing environmental impact in your eco-friendly interior renovations and construction projects by choosing the right building interior materials.  

Let us assist you in your decision to help conserve the planet’s ecology by providing you with the necessary tools for designing, building and arranging your green spaces.

Going green is to express respect for the air, the water,

and Earth, the human being and the environment.

Organic Veggie Garden Creation

Creating a successful organic vegetable garden takes practice and may span over several seasons.  While organic produce is sometimes more expensive in the grocery store, this does not mean that organic vegetables are more expensive to grow. You will find that organic gardening requires only naturally occurring, local items which are cheaper and easier to acquire than synthetic chemicals.  

Our passionate Gardeners specialise in creating unique, organic veggie gardens in your own garden.  We have many different options available.  Contact us for a consultation today!


At Eco Pathways we are passionate about recycling and view it as a very simple, yet effective means of contributing to the care of our environment.   As an important part of integrated waste management we offer our clients a wide range of recycling options from bins to arranging collection and management of home / school / business depots.  Contact us for more information.

Green Consultations

Energy costs are on the rise and will continue to rise.  If we are to limit those costs we need to have a better understanding of the effect that our every day actions have on our environment.  There are more and more people who are wanting to make changes and to ‘go green’.  They want to save money and give back to the environment but have no idea where or how to start.  Our Green Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to conduct an evaluation and a walk through session of your home or business.  Using a comprehensive check list to identify problem areas we offer physical and lifestyle changes to solve those problems.

Contact us for a Green Consultation and allow us to help you save money and protect the environment.

Home Assessments

A Home Assessment is your first step in lowering your carbon foot print and reducing your personal impact on the environment.  It does not matter whether you own or rent your home Eco Pathways can provide you with many practical and effective solutions to improve your household energy efficiency, reduce your impact on the climate and save you money!

A Home Assessment involves a physical inspection of your household and surroundings.  We will gather general information and offer services and practical suggestions that will transform your home into a more eco friendly and sustainable environment.  

At Eco Pathways, green living and the improvement of household sustainability and efficiency are our areas of expertise.  

Small actions can make a big difference and there are many ways available if you know where to look and what to do.  The most difficult part is knowing where to start.  Our professional staff can empower you to effectively improve your household carbon footprint and support you in taking your first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing your impact on the environment.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is a detailed calculated evaluation of your electricity use. It helps you to understand where you use electricity in your home and where savings could be made. Check your results and identify which areas of the home use the most electricity. Between 40-60% of electricity use at home is due solely to geysers heating up water. Lighting is often the second largest consumer of electricity. Solar water heaters and switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs provide opportunities to make a substantial saving in household energy.  

Contact us for more information.

sustainable solutions for a sustainable future

Is your garden green?

In general, gardens are an aesthetic feature to your property. An attractive entrance, verge and garden all add to the value of your house and the enjoyment of your home.  Current garden trends are leaning towards more water wise, indigenous, functional and biodiverse spaces. The amount of information is overwhelming for your inexperienced  gardener and even daunting for those who are garden fundis. Our garden consultants offer a comprehensive assessment of your existing garden and outdoor spaces and provide manageable ways to green your garden, through:

 assessing your irrigation and outdoor water requirements

 storing and or recycling water

 improving design and layout to maximise shade and shelter

 improving soil quality and fertility

 naturally improving plant growth and resilience

 improving plant, insect animal diversity

Essentially, Eco Pathways hopes to provide useful tools to nourish your gardens health and diversity and thus help you develop an enjoyable relationship with your garden and the life within it.  Contact us for an initial consultation.

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