Kate A. Spreckley

Kate is is a fully qualified Interior Designer whose passion for our natural environment led her to create Eco Pathways.  During the last decade Kate’s awareness of the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions has grown extensively.  As such Kate has recognised the need for both individual households and businesses to implement simple, easy and cost effective measures to ensure the sustainability of our natural environment.

Eco Pathways works together with a group of diverse, yet dedicated and passionate green professionals to create a greener, eco friendly and sustainable environment in your home or small business.

In mid 2012, Eco Pathways commenced a joint venture with The Green Parrot.  The Green Parrot offers a range of services with one of the key initiatives being the education and exposure of children and young adolescence to the impact our current lifestyles have on our environment.  

Eco Pathways and The Green Parrot work closely together to assist homeowners and small businesses in implementing the simple, cost effective green initiatives taught in workshops offered by The Green Parrot.

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sustainable solutions for a sustainable future
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