Social Responsability Programmes

Eco Pathways is actively involved in both educational and training programmes focusing on awareness and education.  Together with the Green Parrot, Eco Pathways is pioneering innovative programmes and initiatives that address the need for the awareness of sustainable building and construction practices.  Our objective is to bridge the skills and education gap in these industries by addressing the less developed communities about the need to conserve natural resources, actively protect the environment and counteract the impact of CO2 emissions.

Current Projects

Green Skills Training

Together with Ariya Projects and the Green Parrot, Eco Pathways is providing a number of learners from different collages around the Western Cape with Green Skills training.  This is an innovative and ground-breaking training programme which was developed for the Department of Public Works' Expanded Public Works Programme :  Innovative Construction Interventions.  

We are currently looking for sponsorship for a number of training and educational initiatives we are planning to roll out to the less developed communities around the Western Cape.  Should you be interested in more information please contact us

sustainable solutions for a sustainable future
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