Green Gardens

Is your garden green?

In general, gardens are an aesthetic feature to your property. An attractive entrance, verge and garden all add to the value of your house and the enjoyment of your home.  Current garden trends are leaning towards more water wise, indigenous, functional and biodiverse spaces. The amount of information is overwhelming for your inexperienced  gardener and even daunting for those who are garden fundis. Our garden consultants offer a comprehensive assessment of your existing garden and outdoor spaces and provide manageable ways to green your garden, through:

assessing your irrigation and outdoor water requirements

storing and or recycling water

improving design and layout to maximise shade and shelter

improving soil quality and fertility

naturally improving plant growth and resilience

improving plant, insect animal diversity

The huge benefit of an eco friendly, organic garden is that it is virtually maintenance free!  It requires far less water and when fruit and vegetables are included, can be productive and cost saving too.  Essentially, Eco Pathways hopes to provide useful tools to nourish your gardens health and diversity and thus help you develop an enjoyable relationship with your garden and the life within it.  Our team of experts are passionate about organice, eco-friendly gardens!  Contact us for a consultation.

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